Sonic Leak Detector™


The SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ is a low-cost instrument that allows the rapid detection of pressurised gases escaping from any form of plant system.

It can be used with the CABIN-SAFE™ or DOOR-SAFE™ transmitter to detect holes in enclosed spaces.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

The ultrasound ‘noise’ generated from any gas, (compressed air, steam, refrigerant or vacuum, bad bearings and electrical arcing) can be easily detected, ad the leak location rapidly and accurately identified through the headphones.

The SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ can significantly reduce leak detection times and avoid costly and time-consuming issues in the future.

The SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ uses an electronic process called ‘heterodyning’ to convert high-frequency leak sounds to a lower range frequency so it is able to be heard by the human ear.

The noise that plays when a leak is detected is a hissing sound when you find the source of your leak. The laser precisely pinpoints the source of the leak.

  1. Check the battery of the SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ by turning it on. The red laser should work continuously. This means that the battery is fully operational. If the laser flashes this indicates the battery is low and news to be changed.
  1. Plug in the headphones – a hiss should be heard through the headphones and its volume should be adjusted by the volume control.
  1. All of the ambient ultrasonic sound will be heard through the headphones.
  1. Move the SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ around and you will be able to hone in on any particular hissing or crackling sound. The laser will pinpoint the leak so you can find where your problem is.
  • Hard hat compatible headphones
  • Full operating instructions
  • 2 x 9v PP3 battery
  • Foam-lined black polymer carry case

The SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ can be used for monitoring bearings on various different things:

  • Marine stern tubes
  • Marine alternators
  • Seawater pumps
  • Hydroelectric plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Rail axle bearings
  • Axle box breakdowns
  • Helicopter gearboxes
  • Automobile bearings
  • Water pumps
  • Air conditioning units

The SONIC LEAK DETECTOR™ can be used for a number of different things:

  • It can locate leaks in air and steam.
  • It can locate leaks in non-flammable gas systems, including pipes, fitting, valves, cylinder and pressure vessels.
  • It can pinpoint leaks in brake systems, tubes, tires and radiators.
  • It can detect leaks in vacuum systems.
  • Finds the source of wear and tear in bearings.
  • It can detect air conditioning and refrigeration leaks.
  • Operational Weight – 224g
  • Shipping Weight – 600g
Unit –
  • Weight – 190g
  • Dimensions – 190 x 90 x 60mm
Carry Case –
  • Dimensions – 220 x 200 x 80mm
Microphone –
  • Broadband electret
Headphones –
  • Weight – 50g
  • 5 Stereo jack plug
  • Compatible with both stereo and mono headphones
Power supply –
  • 1 x 9v PP3 Alkaline battery
  • Battery life – 40 hours nominal with PP3 alkaline battery
Temperature Range –
  • -10°C to +50°C
Features –
  • Red laser pointer to precisely locate the leak

American Bureau of Shipping Classification Society Manufacturing Process Approval

ISO 9001:2015

NATO Stock Number 6635-99-474-7886

NCAGE Number U0B22

CE Mark Directives & Laws 89/336/EEC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

IIMS Corporate Membership Number C508

NFPA Membership Number 2800960

FPA Membership Number 27135

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