DOOR-SAFE™ Water-Tight Tester


The DOOR-SAFE™ is a fully ABS Type approved ultrasonic kit. It is used to rapidly and accurately test the integrity of watertight doors and hatches.

The DOOR-SAFE™ WT tester kit consists of 2 units. An ultrasonic transmitter and a portable, handheld receiver unit connected to a flexible inspection microphone and hard hat compatible headphones.

The transmitter and receiver are each supplied in protective leather cases fitted with neck-straps to allow for hands-free use.

ABS Approved Product

Often called UT or UT testing, the process consists of placing the transmitter on one side of whatever you are testing, and the receiver on the opposite end of what you are testing. The receiver is tuned to the transmitter frequency. The ultrasound can only travel through an air hole, so you immediately know if you have a problem. Ultrasound is not audible, so the receiver converts the ultrasound to an audible sound.

The sound is played through headphones or a small internal speaker. If you need to know the side of the hole, we also have the products to display the intensity in decibels. A Decibel is the universal unit for sound measurement. The bigger the measurement of sound, the bigger the air hole you have.

The DOOR-SAFE™ kit is contained in a blue plastic foam-lined case for easy storage and transportation.

The DOOR-SAFE™ transmitter generates ultrasound on one side of the door or hatch, and the receiver unit on the other side of the door or hatch tires to detect any ultrasound.

If no ultrasound is detected the door or hatch is water-tight.

If ultrasound can pass through the doors or hatch seals, it means that so can water.;

If ultrasound is detected, it will be shown on the receiver unit in decibels, and also converted to an audible sound, which can be heard through the headphones.

The size of the problem can be established from the strength of the signal displaced in dB (decibels). This is the Classification Society DNV requirement.

  1. Plug in the headphones and inspection microphone to the receiver unit.
  1. Turn on the transmitter unit and place it on one side of the door or hatch.
  1. Obtain an open door value as a reference.
  1. Close and seal the door and from the other side, pass the inspection microphone over the door seals to see if any of the ultrasound emitted from the transmitter unit can be detected.
  1. To be water-tight the value must be 0 dB, if a value of 1-10% of the open door reference value is detected the seal is accepted as weather-tight, any readings above 10% of the open door value and the door is not weather or watertight
  1. DOOR-SAFE™ transmitter unit in a leather case with straps
  2. DOOR-SAFE™ receiver unit in a leather case with straps
  3. Flexible inspection microphone and lead
  4. Extension arm with non-slip grip
  5. Hard hat compatible or noise isolating padded headphones
  6. Tripod for transmitter placement
  7. Full operating instructions
  8. Certificate of calibration and conformity
  9. ABS Type approved certificate
  10. 6 high power alkaline AA batteries
  11. PP3 9V battery
  12. Blue, foam-lined, stock-proof polymer, water-resistant carry case

The Class Instrumentation DOOR-SAFE™ can be used to determine the integrity and water tightness of:

  • Watertight doors in the offshore, marine and aerospace industries
  • Watertight hatches
  • Windows
  • Navy watertight and weathertight doors and citadels
  • Shipping containers
  • Cars
  • Yachts
  • Caravans
Transmitter –
  • Weight – 475g (1lb 1oz)
  • 13 emitters giving omni-directional ultrasound emission
  • Dual-frequency transmission – 39.95KHz and 40.04KHz for two-tone reception
  • High power output = 200mW
  • Low power output = 100mW
  • Simple ON/OFF control
  • Built-in magnets for attaching to steel panelling or tripod
  • Power supply – 6 x AA alkaline batteries
  • 25 hours battery life
  • Dimensions – 190 x 100 x 60mm (max) (7.5” x 3.9” x 2.4”)
  • Dimensions in leather case – 220 x 120 x 80mm (max) (8.7” x 4.7” x 3.1”)
  • Weather proof leather case to IP66, designed to protect it if dropped
  • Neck strap for hands free use
Receiver –
  • Weight – 350g (12.3oz)
  • Internal 1 Watt loudspeaker – can be used instead of headphones
  • Internal microphone – can be used in the event of microphone loss
  • Numeric digital display with readings in dB scale & bar graph
  • PEAK HOLD capability to record the maximum reading
  • Backlight button with ON/OFF or auto OFF after 30 seconds
  • Power supply – 1 x 9v PP3 rechargeable or alkaline battery
  • Battery life – 40 hours nominal with a PP3 alkaline battery
  • Dimensions – 160 x 100 x 30mm (6.3” x 3.9” x 1.2”)
  • Weatherproof leather case – IP66, designed to protect if dropped
  • Neck and wrist straps for hands-free use
Microphone –
  • Weight – 110g (3.9oz)
  • Dimensions – 330 x 10mm diameter (13” x 0.4”)
  • Bright yellow to aid visibility
  • 1m (1 yard) lead
  • BNC easy connection for instant replacement
Extension Arm –
  • Extension arm with non-slip grip attachment
Headphones – 2 different options –
  • Weight (option one) 50g (1.7oz)
  • Weight (option two) 100g (3.4 oz)
  • 5mm stereo jack plug
  • Volume control is independent of digital display
  • Padded for noise insulation
  • Hard hat compatible
ABS Manufacturing Assessment
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DOOR-SAFE™ ABS Product Type Approval
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IIMS Corporate Membership Number C508

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