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Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester


The choice of marine surveyors across the globe. The ingress of water through leaking hatch covers is a main cause of damage to cargo. It is in the interest of ship owners, managers and insurers to guarantee the cargo hold is watertight, as damaged cargo caused by water leaking through hatch covers...


Ultrasonic Leak Detecting System


A smaller, less powerful version of Class Instrumentation Ltd’s CARGO-SAFE™ unit, this boat survey product is perfect for detecting the source of leaks in small pleasure craft, yachts, cars and caravans. To use the Cabin-Safe, the Transmitter unit is placed inside the vessel ...


Water-Tight Tester


The fully ABS Type Approved Door-Safe™ ultrasonic kit is used to rapidly and accurately test the integrity of water-tight doors and hatches.The Door-Safe™ WT tester kit consists of 2 units, an ultrasonic transmitter unit and a portable, hand-held receiver unit connected to a ...

PLI Digital

Portable Liquid Level Gauge


With all the features of the original PLI , the fully American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approved PLI Digital has the ability to take a reading from cylinders in poor condition, or suffering from a layer of rust.  It also has an in-built thermometer (in both C & F), an easy-to-read digital display,

PLI Plus

Portable Liquid Level Gauge


The new PLI Plus is a powerful new upgrade of our original successful PLI unit. With all the features of the original PLI design, it also has the ability to boost the power by 12, enabling cylinders to be read even when they are in poor condition, or suffering from a layer of rust.

Touchstone 1

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


The Touchstone 1 is a high performance UT gauge, low cost, simple to use handheld thickness gauge, often known as an ultrasonic thickness gage in the USA, or an ultrasonic wall thickness gauge. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications in NDT (non-destructive testing) ...

Touchstone 2

Coating Thickness Gauge


The Touchstone 2 coating thickness gauge is easy to use and requires no couplant, it will work on rough surfaces in any condition.This coating gauge uses the magnetic properties of the substrate material to determine the coating thickness...

Sonic Leak Detector

Rapid detection of pressurised gases escaping


The Class Instrumentation Sonic Leak Detector is a low cost instrument that allows the rapid detection of pressurised gases escaping from any form of plant system.The ultrasound "noise" generated by a leak can be easily ...

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