Liquid Level

If you need to know the level of liquid in a tank or cylinder, but are unable to measure it directly because it is under pressure or hazardous, then there is a way of using ultrasonic radar to ‘see inside’ the walls of the container. The level of the liquid can be found by measuring the difference between the signal above and below the liquid level.

We have pioneered this technology between 1996, refining and working on it to get it to a place where the accuracy is at an elite level. It also can be used to measure a wide range of liquid.

There are many varied uses for this, the most common being for measuring the liquid levels in fire suppression systems. The extinguishant or agent is stored in cylinders that are coupled together and activated remotely. Knowing the level of the extinguishant in each cylinder is vital.

The most common and cheapest extinguishant is carbon dioxide. Some other extinguishants used are:

NOVEC 1230™
Older Halon Agents
All core Clean Agent Systems

There are only two ways of finding out the level of extinguishant in a cylinder or container. One is by weighing the actual container, but this is not always possible, as the container could be in a difficult place, time-consuming to move, dangerous to move or not cost-efficient to move.

Using an ultrasonic radar to detect the liquid levels is the best and most popular method. We have two models that are easy to use, and capable of completing this task, the analogue model, PLI PLUS™, and the digital model, PLI DIGITAL™.

The PLI PLUS™ uses manual controls to operate the gauge, and the PLI DIGITAL™ is automatic and has ABS Type Approval.


Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

PLI Digital Portable Liquid Level Indicator
PLI Digital
Portable Liquid Level Gauge

With all the features of the original PLI , the fully American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approved PLI Digital has the ability to take a reading from cylinders in poor condition, or suffering from a layer of rust. It also has an in-built thermometer (in both C & F), an easy-to-read digital display,

PLI Plus Portable Liquid Level Indicator
PLI Plus
Portable Liquid Level Gauge

The new PLI Plus is a powerful new upgrade of our original successful PLI unit. With all the features of the original PLI design, it also has the ability to boost the power by 12, enabling cylinders to be read even when they are in poor condition, or suffering from a layer of rust.

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Water Ingress Detection System for Ships

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Liquid Level Gauge for Tanks and Cylinder
Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid Level

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Leak Detection

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