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Knowledge Zone : Frequently Asked Questions : PLI Portable Liquid Level Indicator
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2011-03-03 14:48:59
The leather cases are not just for keeping the instruments clean and storm proof, they are to enable the units to withstand being dropped 2 metres, 6ft, without damaging the equipment.
Why are the leather cases turned out at the seams?
admin - 3, Mar 2011 @ 14:48
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2011-03-03 14:47:52
The leather cases are made from English cow hides and use a process called "splitting". This divides the hide in two which halves the thickness of the leather; the two halves are then coated with a vinyl plastic to make the resultant leather supple, very smooth and weatherproof. They also offer protection from dust, grease and debris.
How do the leather cases give enough protection to offer Ingress Protection (IP) Code rating?
admin - 3, Mar 2011 @ 14:47
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2011-03-03 14:47:39
The magnets are made from Neodymium which is the strongest magnetic material know. They are coated in nickel to prevent them from corroding.
How are the magnets on the sensor so strong?
admin - 3, Mar 2011 @ 14:47
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2011-03-03 12:18:09
Just about any liquid as all liquids conduct ultrasound. Gels are generally used because they stay where they are put. There are different types of couplant, water based which can be a problem on steel as unless cleaned off it tends to make the steel go rusty, oil based which is OK on steel but may stain plastics, and silicon based couplant for high temperature use say over 60 degrees C, 140 degrees F.

So in an emergency any liquid will do, a lot of people use spit.
What can I use if I run out of couplant?
admin - 3, Mar 2011 @ 12:18
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